AV PostGIS Extension Manual

$Date: 2005-04-06 07:05:32 +0200 (Wed, 06 Apr 2005) $

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1. What's New?
1.1.1. Version 1.13.1
1.1.2. Version 1.12.2
1.1.3. Version 1.12.1
2. Requirements
3. Installation
3.1. Installation Using the Installer
3.2. Manual Installation
4. Loading the Extension
1. Connection
2. Functions
2.1. View GUI
2.1.1. Add PostGIS Theme
2.1.2. Refresh PostGIS Themes
2.1.3. PostGIS Theme Properties
2.1.4. Upload Theme to PostGIS Table
2.1.5. Edit INI File
2.1.6. PostGIS Identify
3. Development
3.1. Release Process

The functions provided by the AV PostGIS Extension.

Functions added to the View GUI by the extension.

To the right there are 2 new buttons.

In the dialogs, all mandatory entries are marked with an '*' sign after the item name.

With the '+' button you can load postgis themes. In the 'Add...' dialog you have to specify host, database, user etc.

Next, choose the database table and the fields.

If the geometry column is specified in the ini file then that value will be taken. Otherwise the extension tries to retrieve this information from the database, what is a bit slower.

You can select a different reference system than the one stored in the database using re-projection of the data and get the shapefile in your defined coordinate system. The reference systems are read from the PostGIS table 'spatial_ref_sys'. In the select dialog you can narrow the displayed systems using the 'LIKE' textbox.

For 'WHERE' you can define additional WHERE clauses, i.e. additional filters on attributes (don't write the 'WHERE', it is inserted automatically).

The shapefiles have to be written to a temporary dir, the default project home dir is inserted in the textfield. Be careful using the same name in different views, because the files in the temp directory from one will overwrite the ones from another view.

With the refresh button you can refresh the loaded theme to new view extents.

The properties of a PostGIS Theme can be changed with the menu PostGIS-Connect -> PostGIS Theme Properties.


Note that there's also a possible security aspect: the password is written as object tag to every PostGIS theme and therefore readable in the ArcView project file. This could be avoided using an external en/decryption procedure.


connection, Connection


development, Development


avpgcon.ini, Edit INI File


general, General


license, Introduction
load extension, Loading the Extension


preferences, Edit INI File
properties, PostGIS Theme Properties


reference, Reference
refresh, Refresh PostGIS Themes
requirements, Requirements


version number, Development